Our Mission

To offer aromatic home experiences that help you savor the present moment and support your wellness journey.

Our Story

Thank you for your interest in using aromatherapy to help your self-development journey. 

We, at Maréfleur by Essence & Sérénité,  passionately believe that there is no greater journey than the one that aims to dive into the depths of yourself to become more self-aware and live your best life.


This is the core belief that guides us when creating natural scents for you.  Depending on the stage of your journey, your needs may differ. Hence, we have created a variety of essential oils that can support you wherever you are in this endeavor.  


A Mother and Son Partnership

Based in Burlington, MA, and founded in 2021 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Maréfleur by Essence & Sérénité, ( formerly called Essence et Sérénité) was started as a mother-and-son desire to work in close partnership to create a meaningful brand after reflecting on our journey from Haiti to Massachusetts, as well as the new path that we wanted to take.


Our hearts are set on embarking on this wondrous scented journey so we can help support our self-growth and yours. Looking back, the Covid-19 pandemic was the true catalyst that led to the birth of our wellness e-shop. It provided the fertile space we needed to reflect on our lives and form a positive connection between natural scents and self-development.

Why do we offer essential oils to aid your wellness journey?

It is because essential oils are the soul of plants. Through different means, their quintessence is revealed. Similarly, in your self-awareness path, the central goal is to find the essence of life and achieve serenity. 


All our essential oils are tested by a third-party laboratory to confirm their purity. So you can be assured that we are providing you with natural authentic oils. We hope you will let our essential oils join you in this self-development path that you've chosen.

Maréfleur by Essence & Sérénité Family